TuNur and Hitachi Energy work toward the export of renewables from Tunisia to Europe

TuNur have entered a cooperation agreement with Hitachi Energy to evaluate the solutions for large-scale renewable energy exports across the Mediterranean region using high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, helping to foster renewable energy deployment, job creation and sustainable development in Tunisia, and to further decarbonize European grids. HVDC is the most feasible technology for transferring such large amounts of renewable energy over very long distances with minimal power losses.

Tunisia has important targets for renewable energy deployment to support its growing energy demand and decarbonization objectives. In parallel this abundant and infinite energy can be exported to neighbouring load centers, creating a sustainable export industry. TuNur is developing a portfolio of renewable energy projects for the local market and for export markets, including working toward the deployment of additional HVDC solutions in the Mediterranean region. Together the two companies intend to apply their complementary competencies to achieve their vision of a sustainable future – TuNur harnessing its experience of developing large-scale integrated solar and storage projects, while Hitachi Energy contributes its pioneering and market leading HVDC technology.

TuNur Ltd- TuNur Ltd is an independent renewable energy, transmission and green hydrogen development platform, at the epicentre of Europe and Africa. TuNur has an ambitious multi-GW portfolio of solar PV, solar CSP, transmission and green hydrogen projects under development. https://www.tunur.tn/

Hitachi Energy- Hitachi Energy serve customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Together with customers and partners, we pioneer technologies and enable the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future. https://www.hitachienergy.com/

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TuNur Team’s visit to Gabes to discuss the development of the 10 MW PV project

On October 06, 2021, TuNur’s CEO, Mr. Daniel Rich, and the Head of Finance, Mrs. Rachida Guermazi, had the pleasure to meet with the Governor of Gabes, Mr. Monji Thameur. The meeting focused on the progress of “Taqet Gabes” the 10 MW Solar PV project in southern Gabes that TuNur secured as part of the 3rd Round of the Authorization Regime and will soon implement in collaboration with local and international partners.

The TuNur team expressed their long-term commitment to Gabes and the importance of working closely with local stakeholders to ensure social and economic development across the Gabes Governorate.

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TuNur and the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC)

TuNur is pleased to continue as a committed member and sponsor of the TBCC, a leading non-profit organization created by Tunisian and British entrepreneurs to promote business, investment and trade relations between Tunisia and the United Kingdom.

TBCC provides supports to British and Tunisian companies interested in the respective markets and offers to them a wide range of services and networking opportunities to accompany them in the development of their businesses.

TuNur is looking forward to working with the TBCC team and its fellow members to promote further cooperation between Tunisia and the United Kingdom, especially in the field of renewable energy.

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TuNur joins AFSIA

TuNur is proud to become a member of AFSIA, the reference association for solar professionals in Africa.

AFSIA promotes solar power in the African region from large scale grid-connected projects to off-grid solar home systems, through hybrid systems including diesel and storage to solar water pumping, solar stoves or solar water heaters.

TuNur is looking forward to working with the AFSIA team and its fellow members to promote further deployment of renewable energy across the region

Please find more information Here

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TuNur invited to present in the 3rd session of the “Tunisian-German Power-to-X Dialogue”

TuNur had the pleasure to be invited by the German Development Agency (“GIZ”) and the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Mines (“MIEM”) to participate in the latest edition of the Tunisia Germany PtX Dialogue. The event was part of the ongoing work between the Tunisia and German government to facilitate Tunisia’s green hydrogen economy. TuNur used the opportunity to present its view of Tunisia’s brilliant potential for green hydrogen and ammonia development, and to become a green energy hub in the Mediterranean. TuNur continues to advance its strategy for green hydrogen and ammonia in Tunisia, in partnership with local and international partners, and the key public stakeholders in Tunisia.

TuNur presentation, 3rd Tunisia-German PtX dialogue (pdf)

Agenda, 3rd Tunisia-German PtX dialogue (pdf)

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TuNur leads a societal action in Kebili

During the month of June 2021, the TuNur team led a social action in the Governorate of Kebili. During the action the team, in coordination with the regional authorities, visited a total of 19 primary schools in El Faouar and Rjim Maatoug providing the school children various sport equipment and infographics with fun information about the importance and benefits of solar energy. TuNur is a committed long term partner to the governorate and people of Kebili and looks forward to working closely with all local authorities and institutions to advance the health and education of the leaders of tomorrow.

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TuNur participates in the HyDeal Initiative

Launched in February 2021 HyDeal Ambition is Europe’s first open and integrated green hydrogen consortium bringing together over 40 energy and financial players to evaluate the integrated value chain to deliver green hydrogen across Europe at the price of fossil fuels. In March TuNur was pleased to join the HyDeal Consortium to evaluate the competitiveness of Green Hydrogen production in North Africa.



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IRENA releases its report “Renewables Readiness Assessment: The Republic of Tunisia”

Energy efficiency and renewables have received increasing attention as Tunisia embarks on an energy transition process as part of its sustainable economic and social development strategy. Key goals include reducing primary energy demand by 30% compared to a business-as-usual scenario and increasing the contribution of renewables in electricity production to 30% by 2030. This assessment from IRENA, prepared in collaboration with the National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME) and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, identifies the main opportunities and challenges faced by Tunisia in meeting these goals.


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TuNur joins Friends of the Sustainable Grid (“FOSG”)

TuNur is pleased to become a member of Friends of the Sustainable Grid (“FOSG”). Friends of Sustainable Grids is an international Brussels-based non-profit committed to transforming the way we look at sustainable energy grid infrastructure by focusing on Connecting (all) Energy Grids and Energy Education. FOSG is active in all policy dialogue related to key energy and grid infrastructure matters in Europe and is a member of the European Commission’s Expert Panel on Interconnections.

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TuNur, in consortium with partner Shanghai Electric, secures 10MW solar PV project in Gabes, Tunisia, as part of the 3rd Round of the Authorization Regime

In June 2020 TuNur was awarded a 10MW solar PV project as part of the 3rd Round of the Authorization Regime, launched in 2019, by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy. TuNur successfully secured the project in partnership with Shanghai Electric, one of the world’s largest construction groups with over 92GW of turnkey projects completed. The power plant, located in the Gabes Governorate, will be connected to the STEG HV network and deliver 24 GWh per year of carbon free power to STEG under a long term Power Purchase Agreement. Daniel Rich, CEO of TuNur, stated “This is an important project for TuNur as part of our objective to become a key player in the market and to support Tunisia’s growing energy demand and target of 30% renewable energy in the energy mix by 2030. TuNur is a committed long term partner to Tunisia and the Governorate of Gabes”

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