TuNur Ltd is a renewable energy, storage and transmission developer focused on implementing projects in Tunisia and the Mediterranean Region

Who we are

TuNur Ltd is a renewable energy, storage and transmission developer focused on implementing projects in Tunisia and the Mediterranean region.

TuNur is developing a pipeline of projects that will supply power to the local Tunisian market and projects that will export power to neighbouring countries.

TuNur aims to be a long term partner of Tunisia and support renewable energy growth across the region.

With its head office in Tunisia, TuNur combines experience in the development, construction and operation of energy projects in Tunisia and internationally.


Experienced Team

Experienced and diverse team consisting of mutliple nationalities, based in Tunisia and Europe.

Committed Shareholders

Experienced shareholders from Malta, Tunisia France and the UK with deep knowledge in the energy sector and the region.

Strategic Partners

Long term partnerships with local communities, and  local and international companies to support the delivery of projects.


What we do

The role of TuNur Ltd is to originate projects (greenfield or via tenders) and manage the whole development process including site identification; feasabilitiy studies; environmental and social assessments; design; and permitting. With its partners TuNur then takes projects through to financial close, construction and operation.

With a technology agnostic approach TuNur identifies the most optimal technology, or combination of technologies, for each project subject to the specific needs of the client. TuNur is currently developing projects in multiple technologies including Solar PV, Concentrated Solar Power (both trough and tower) and High Voltage DC Transmission. TuNur works closely with technology companies to evaluate future trends.

TuNur’s head office and development team is based in Tunis, Tunisia and has a network of local teams and partners in Kebili, Malta, Italy, France and the UK.


Sustainability is at the centre of our activities and TuNur’s projects will provide homes and industries with access to low carbon power, helping to contribute to their growth and decarbonization.

An integral part of our project development is to maximize local socio economic impacts and have a long lasting contribution to the local region and environment.

The development process starts with engaging the local communities and takes into account all national and international standards.



TuNur is looking to become a leading renewable energy developer in the region and a long term partner of Tunisia, supporting the country in its journey to become an energy hub in the Mediterranean. The company is focused on two core areas of activities:

Domestic Projects

The Tunisian Government is committed to having renewable energy form 30% of its energy mix by 2030. As part of this strategy the Government is promoting a series of large scale solar and wind projects of various capacities in all technologies.

TuNur, along with its leading international and local partners, has usefully participated in a number of tenders, and will continue to support he Government strategy going forward.

Export Projects

Solar and wind energy are infinite resources, and Tunisia is blessed with an abundant supply of both. These unlimited resources can be used to supply Tunisia’s own energy needs and, in parallel, can be used to create a new “product” for export to neighbouring countries.

In parallel to its domestic projects TuNur is developing a series of export projects that will deliver unsubsidised power to surrounding markets and will contribute to the socio economic and energy growth of Tunisia

Export Projects

Three Projects in One

Power Generation

Renewable energy power plants situated in Southern Tunisia, producing low cost reliable energy up to 24 hours a day.



High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission lines: a way of carrying electricity over long distances and underwater.

Electricity Sale

Unsubsidized green electricity sold to utilities and companies seeking new sources of low carbon electricity.

> 10TWh

green electricity

> 2million

homes supplied

> 10000

jobs created

> 5million

tonnes of CO2 saved

Our Projects

TuNur has a growing portfolio of solar, storage and transmission projects under development in Tunisia: