TuNur’s shareholder are committed to combating climate change mitigation and bring together deep regional experience in energy, investment and logistics.

Zammit Group

The Zammit Group of Companies is involved in the Automotive, Shipping, Oil & Gas and Retail sectors. Four generations of successful entrepreneurship spanning almost a century have built the Zammit Group of Companies into one of Malta’s leading businesses, built on a well-deserved reputation for credibility and integrity.

Since 1950 the Zammit Group has been a key player in the Maltese automotive, marine and power industry representing a total of nine world class brands, and with ownership and operation of various types of vessels as well as shipping companies.

The Group is active in the Oil & Gas Exploration with close collaboration with major companies such as Amoco, Shell, Agip, Tunisian British Services, British Gas, Mp Zarat Limited, Reading & Bates, Turkish Petroleum Corp., Arco Inc and Marathon. Furthermore the Group has made substantial investments in Drilling Platforms and Drilling Equipment and has established itself well in the management and chartering of marine spreads for the offshore oil and gas exploration industry.

Glory Clean Energy

Glory Clean Energy Sarl is a Franco-Tunisian company created with the aim to benefit and utilize its human, technical and financial resources to promote and develop green and renewable energy industrial projects.


Nur Energie

Nur Energie is an independent solar project development company active in the Mediterranean region. It is developing projects with both PV and CSP technology, with current focus of activities in France, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco.

Nur is currently the lead developer and owner of a 50MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant on the island of Crete, Greece, currently in financing. The $200m project will be one of Europe’s most innovative and newest large scale renewable energy projects incorporating 6 hours of thermal storage.

Nur Energie’s principal shareholders include Low Carbon , one of the UK’s leading renewable invetsment companies with over 350MW of renewables built and operational and Armonia LLC , a triple bottom line family office and one of the original ‘impact investors’.


Armonia LLC

Armonia LLC is an “impact investor” based in the USA. Armonia uses multiple forms of capital (financial, human, network, intangible) to support systemic shifts towards harmony. Armonia’s intention is to catalyze regeneration of soil, soul, and society. They believe in seeding society with values of fundamental interconnection, well-being, and holism. Armonia’s work is to support and partner with visionaries who are implementing this viewpoint. Since 2007, Armonia has seeded and invested in a number of sustainable/impact funds, companies and projects.