TuNur have entered a cooperation agreement with Hitachi Energy to evaluate the solutions for large-scale renewable energy exports across the Mediterranean region using high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, helping to foster renewable energy deployment, job creation and sustainable development in Tunisia, and to further decarbonize European grids. HVDC is the most feasible technology for transferring such large amounts of renewable energy over very long distances with minimal power losses.

Tunisia has important targets for renewable energy deployment to support its growing energy demand and decarbonization objectives. In parallel this abundant and infinite energy can be exported to neighbouring load centers, creating a sustainable export industry. TuNur is developing a portfolio of renewable energy projects for the local market and for export markets, including working toward the deployment of additional HVDC solutions in the Mediterranean region. Together the two companies intend to apply their complementary competencies to achieve their vision of a sustainable future – TuNur harnessing its experience of developing large-scale integrated solar and storage projects, while Hitachi Energy contributes its pioneering and market leading HVDC technology.

TuNur Ltd- TuNur Ltd is an independent renewable energy, transmission and green hydrogen development platform, at the epicentre of Europe and Africa. TuNur has an ambitious multi-GW portfolio of solar PV, solar CSP, transmission and green hydrogen projects under development. https://www.tunur.tn/

Hitachi Energy- Hitachi Energy serve customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Together with customers and partners, we pioneer technologies and enable the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future. https://www.hitachienergy.com/