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Africa likely to be EU’s most important renewable energy partner

“The continent of Africa is probably going to be the most important partner for Europe in terms of developing the renewable energy sector,” said Frans Timmermans, EU Climate Chief during an interview at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) assembly in Abu Dhabi.

While Europe is growing its domestic renewable energy production, it will also need to look beyond its borders to secure the levels it needs. To help fill the gap, many in the EU are looking to Africa, where there is a high potential for renewable energy production, in particular solar power.

Timmermans point to potential partnerships with the wider Mediterranean and North Africa.

There are already several venues for collaborations between the EU and Africa regarding renewables, including the EU-Africa energy partnership, which looks to increase access to affordable and sustainable energy services, support renewable energy investments and promote energy efficiency on the continent.

The EU needs to strengthen its relationship with North African countries, which have similar geographical and climate conditions to much of southern Europe.