TuNur is pleased to see Malta’s ambitions for Malta and the Mediterranean to become an energy hub by enhancing cooperation with North African countries through new energy infrastructure and cross border trade, as stated by Dr Miriam Dalli, Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise during her article in the Times of Malta, ahead of the EU MED-9 Summit, currently being held in Malta.

“Malta’s strategic position in the Mediterranean can become pivotal to enable a corridor of renewable energy to the European continent, transforming Malta from an energy taker to a bridge of renewable energy generated offshore and in the neighbouring non-EU Mediterranean countries to the European continent.

In this sense, Malta can foster collaboration between the Mediterranean countries to enable our region to become a centre for environmentally sustainable energy facilitating the deployment of offshore renewable energy solutions and integration of green energy generated in North Africa to the entire European Union.

In our vision, Malta can become a catalyst to enable a concentration of green energy solutions in the area. With the installation of more subsea interconnections between the North African region and mainland EU, a robust link can be created along the Mediterranean corridor to enable more renewables.”

TuNur has long believed in the opportunities such cooperation can create for both sides of the Mediterranean and continues to advance its concrete projects in the region to deliver sustainable, reliable green energy to both Tunisia and Europe, providing access to new sources of clean energy, creating jobs, and facilitating new investments in region.

Please find here the full article written by the Minister in the Times of Malta: