Hydrogen-project Kebili_2
Green Hydrogen Potential in Tunisia


Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can be produced from a wide variety of energy sources. Large quantities of hydrogen can be produced by using renewable electricity to power electrolysers that turn water into hydrogen “Green H2”. This green H2 can be used in multiple ways, as with other natural gases, such as long-term storage; re-electrification; fuel for transport and also to create further green fuels such as ammonia. Green H2 will be especially useful to help the decarbonization of hard to abate sectors

The production of Green H2 provides a pathway for a fully decarbonized world but to produce it efficiently the system requires large quantities of low-cost renewable energy. Tunisia therefore offers itself as an optimal location of Green H2 production that can then be used locally and for export.

TuNur is a developing a long-term Green H2 strategy and assessing the market opportunity for Tunisia. As part of this strategy TuNur is investigating multiple options and potential projects in Tunisia including integration with its electricity generation projects.

As a first stage TuNur is investigating a Green H2 Pilot Project in Southern Tunisia. The pilot plant will aim to produce hydrogen using water electrolysis before being processed further into other products (e.g. ammonia) and distributed to the end users.