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Local Solar & Wind Projects

Tunisian Government Objectives for Large Scale Solar & Wind Projects.

Domestic ProjectSupporting Tunisia's Energy TransitionPower GenerationMultiple solar and wind sites across Tunisia identified by the Sponsor and/or the GovernmentTransmissionNew grid connections to STEGs HV networkElectricity SaleDelivery of low-cost low carbon power to help Tunisia meet its decarbonization objectivesShare

Tunisia is targeting 35% of renewable energy in its energy mix by 2035, representing circa 3,800MW. To achieve this objective the Tunisian Government is launching a series of solar and wind tenders across the country, between two regimes:

  • Authorization Regime for ≤30MW Projects
  • Concession Regime for >30MW Projects (typically 100-500MW per round split across multiple projects)

The tenders are launched on an annual basis for sites provided by the state and by the sponsors and will be delivered on a B.O.O Basis. All power from the projects will be delivered to STEGs HV network supporting Tunisia’s energy transition and growing energy demand.

TuNur is committed to the Tunisian market and is participating in tenders in collaboration with its local and international partners.

Key benefits

Some of the key benefits of the projects are:

  • Increase renewable energy project development in Tunisia and prevent against the further desertification of the Sahara.
  • Boost economic development across the southern region using local services, workforce and industries where possible.
  • Increase energy security of Tunisia by providing a major new source of reliable low carbon power covering growing energy demand.
  • Help the decarbonization of the grid contributing to the fight on global warming and reducing reliance on CO2 emitting fuels.
  • Create multi-skilled employment and increase trade.