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Taqet Gabes 10 MW

Taqet Gabes is a 10 MW solar PV project delivering power to the Tunisian network.

Domestic ProjectSupporting Tunisia's Energy TransitionPower Generation10MW Solar PV Project in Gabes, TunisiaTransmission<4.5 km MV-AC overhead line to STEG’s Substation in Gabes SudElectricity SaleSupplying over 4,000 Tunisian homes and saving over 8,500 tonnes of CO2 per yearShare


In 2019 Tunisia launched the 3rd Round of the Authorization Regime, requesting proposals to build a total of 70MW of solar projects (6 x 10MW, and 10 x 1MW) on a B.O.O. basis. TuNur was successfully awarded one of the 10MW projects with one of the lowest tariffs.

The project consists of a 10MW solar photovoltaic Power Plant located on a 20 hc site in Gabes capable of producing over 24 GWh per year of carbon free power. The power plant will be connected to the STEG’s Substation in Gabès Sud via a 4.5 km MV-AC overhead line.

The project is part of Tunisia’s Energy Transition and will help meet the growing electricity demand in Tunisia. Once operational it will deliver all power to STEG, to help supply over 4,000 Tunisian homes and save over 8,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Some of the key benefits of the project are:

  • Increase renewable energy project development in Tunisia and prevent against the further desertification of the Sahara.
  • Boost economic development across the southern region using local services, workforce and industries where possible.
  • Increase energy security of Tunisia by providing a major new source of reliable low carbon power covering growing energy demand.
  • Help the decarbonization of the grid contributing to the fight on global warming and reducing reliance on CO2 emitting fuels.
  • Create multi-skilled employment and increase trade.
Key facts
NAMETaqet Gabes
STRUCTUREB.O.O, long term PPA with STEG
LOCATIONGabes Sud, Tunisia
RESOURCE2,000 kWh/m2/yr